What Social Media Platforms Are Right For Your Business?

7 October 2020

With more than three billion individuals around the globe, utilising online media consistently, its users and engagements continue expanding. The development of social media has made it imperative for both large and small businesses in the UK to adopt the concept in their marketing strategies. With two-thirds of the population active on social media, ignoring this arena could stop your business from reaching its true potential.

Social media has become an essential tool that helps you to connect with your clients, increase brand awareness and boost sales and leads. But should you be on every social media platform? Certainly not, it is essential to note that every social media platform has its unique content to engage a specific audience. Therefore, check out these insightful tips worth considering when choosing a social media platform.


In 2020, the micro-blogging site has grown to be a well known and productive web-based media platform. Albeit fewer individuals use Twitter than Facebook, the platform is different, and in this manner is utilised differently by businesses and consumers. Twitter boasts three billion accounts, and 326 million active monthly users, seeing a 9% growth from last year. The app is an excellent tool to promote customer service, as 83% of its users who tweeted at a company received a response and felt better about a company. This makes them more likely to do business with that brand in the future.


As one of the largest and longest-running online media platforms, Facebook should not be dismissed. The platform is mostly viewed as a combination of twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and allows for the sharing of pictures, videos, and informative articles. It is an excellent tool for B2B businesses, even though LinkedIn is considered the most appropriate platform for such companies. Over 90 million small businesses utilise Facebook Groups, Pages and Messenger. Its users report an average of 11 clicks on ads each month.


Another central social media platform worth utilising is Instagram, a picture sharing app. Since it is different from Facebook and Twitter, you should figure out a good social media marketing strategy that will help your large or small business reach its target audience effectively. There are methods of delivering content for this sort of app, yet it would require much more work. Instagram boasts over one billion monthly active users, mostly under age thirty. And with about 500 million daily users, the app is dominated by teens (72%) according to 2020 statistics.


Despite the early start, this app has been challenged by the recent feature update by Instagram. Nonetheless, it still has a considerable number of following though it is dominated mainly by teenagers. The multimedia messaging app focuses on video, which is available for only a certain period before it becomes inaccessible by its recipients. To perform on this app, one must focus on creating engaging video content to appeal to its market. The app currently has over 314.6 million users and is expected to see a substantial increase by 2020’s end.


This platform is created for B2B businesses and career-driven individuals, looking for business deals and investment. In general, LinkedIn provides a stage for more certainty-based content. It is a networking platform for well-known business experts from all over the world and is splendid for increasing new business contacts. From incredible influencers to your regular person, this media platform permits you to make a connection with those you would not probably catch in person.

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