Testimonial - Classic Car Services

I just wanted to give some feedback on the progress of the website Wida created and designed for Classic Car Services.

The site itself looks great and is very professional which fits the brief perfectly. Our site was a bit of an odd ball, as we wanted it to show off the work and service we provide whilst wanting to incorporate an online store to sell the upholstery materials we hold in stock anyway. The idea being to open another revenue stream for the business by providing materials to other trim shops as well as private customers working on their own cars that we hold in stock anyway.

The online store has proven to be very easy to use, even if I have made a few mistakes along the way. I appreciate the time and the customer care you provided and the knowledge when I have been asking how to put certain items on the site or other aspects such as delivery and payments. It is easy to add and remove products as they come into stock and out.

The store was quite slow to start with as expected but as the last 6 months have gone on, the orders have started to roll in and it is gathering pace all the time. The biggest thing I have found is the inbuilt SEO that you can do for each product. Enter exactly what the product is on the product description page and within the week it is there on Google and quite often on the front page of Google. This is great for getting your products in front of the customers and people searching. I have learnt the more I do the SEO, putting in keywords and descriptions the better the results.

We have found that not only are we selling the materials we have in stock, we have started sourcing materials for customers and this leads to work for ourselves as well. We are now looking for new lines to carry in stock to grow the income.

Overall, I am really pleased as it added another 10 - 15% to our revenue already and it is growing all the time.