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ERP Integration

In business to business environments, ERP systems are common place for stock management, SOP, POP, CRM and accounts. Below is a brief outline of ERP systems and how you can interact your website with them.

(ERP) or Enterprise resource planning is software used for business management usually consisting of a group of integrated applications. Businesses will then use the system to gather, store, understand and manage data from varying aspects of the business, such as shipping, managing stock levels, product planning, payment, sales order processing, purchasing and sales & marketing.

ERP systems can share business resource data between multiple departments, manufacturing, accounting, purchasing and sales for example and often in real time by integrating its database with a database management system.

ERP’s are now considered an essential tool for business, offering error free transactions and a variety of organisational systems. Though in the past ERP systems were aimed at larger companies the industry is now worth billions and has a lot more variety of business functions to offer so more and more small companies have started using the system.

Why Integrate ?

By integrating your website with an ERP system, you can open up a new sales channel for your business. The link between your ERP system and your website means that changes made within the system (such as new products, price changes and stock fluctuations) are reflected in the website itself. This ensures accuracy of data and automation of website management.

Wida Group can integrate with most ERP systems so give our sales team a call to find out more on 01159 214 797