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ProspectSoft Website Integration

Looking to build a fast-paced, high quality e-commerce website that integrates with your ProspectSoft ERP software ?

We have extensive experience of integrating retail and trade (B2B) websites into various ERP, EPOS and CRM packages, providing a seamless link between the two systems allowing your website to be fully updated with products and account features.

ProspectSoft can be integrated into your website to create a portal that your trade customers can shop from as well as retail customers.

If you're using Unleashed, you can also tie in post-order features for your trade customers to your website.

A variety of features are available and can be split into products & sales and account management.

Products and Sales:

A daily (or more if the business needs require it) product catalogue synchronisation allows you to keep an up-to-date inventory on your website.

Business critical information such as stock and pricing can also be fetched in real time to ensure 100% accuracy or at frequent intervals in the day.

  • Synchronise product data from ProspectSoft to the website
  • Manage your website hierarchy and sitemap using Product Groups in ProspectSoft
  • Manage media (images, videos and documents) within ProspectSoft
  • Get real time stock figures to your website
  • Regular updates of customer specific pricing to your website
  • Utilise quantity break pricing and pack quantities
  • Cross sell and up sell products using Product Links in ProspectSoft
  • Accept retail orders on a cash account
  • Real time order pushing into ProspectSoft or Unleashed.

Account Management:

Maximise your post-sale and account management opportunities by integrating into Unleashed.

  • Accept existing trade customer orders on their accounts with their price books
  • Product ordering templates
  • Quick order mechanism by product code, mpn or barcode including a .csv file upload option
  • Cherry pick from order history (last 4 months history)
  • View current and historic orders with re-order facility
  • View outstanding invoices
  • Pay outstanding invoices online
  • View invoice history
  • View associated Proof of delivery documents
  • Manage budgeting, multi-level permissions and order authorisations

In addition to the above, any number of custom features can be written specifically for you and your business.