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Catalyst - Platinum Website Integration

We are experts at designing, building and integrating E-commerce websites for the motorcycle and motor trade. We integrate our website into the Catalyst Platinum Dealer Management System.

Catalyst – Platinum XML Integration

If you’re in the motorcycle or motor trade then there’s a good chance that you’ve stumbled upon Catalyst’s excellent Platinum DMS (Dealer Management System). Omnipresent in the industry, we can create and integrate an e-commerce website for your business that communicates directly with the Platinum DMS.

Platinum themselves offer an XML output of data from their system which allows product data to be moved to the website on a three times a day synchronisation. In addition to this, stock and price information can be shown on the website too using their web demon module.

A variety of features is available from the integration, mostly (but not entirely) focused on retail customers and end users.

Retail Website :

Regular updates, typically every 12 hours, allow you to keep the website stock up to date. Crucial information like stock and pricing can be retrieved in real time using our Wida Web Module to ensure that everything is fully accurate.

  • Extract product data from Platinum DMS to the website (thrice daily)
  • Organise media files (images, videos and documents) through the feed
  • Get real time stock figures direct using Web Demon and the Wida Web Module
  • Get real time prices direct using Web Demon and the Wida Web Module
  • Unlimited amount of product attributes can be applied (such as size, colour, brand etc)
  • Generate more sales using related, recently viewed and alternate products
  • Group similar products together on a single product page (such as clothing)
  • Accept retail orders on a cash account
  • Real time order pushing into Platinum DMS

Account Management:

On top of allowing the website to sell products to retail customers, it can also transfer your trade account customers from Platinum which enables them to benefit from some of the following optional features:

  • Accept existing trade customer orders on their accounts with their price books
  • Product ordering templates
  • Quick order mechanism by product code including a .csv file upload option
  • Manage budgeting, multi-level permissions and order authorisations

As authors of our software, we are capable of writing any number of bespoke features and functionality for your website so if you have an idea, we can turn that into a reality.

If you’d like to know more about our websites and how they integrate with Catalyst - Platinum then give call us today on 01159 214 797 and speak to our sales team.