Your website design checklist for 2019

13 January 2019

Looking to grow your online business in 2019? Tick off our website design checklist to ensure  you’re on the right track. 

Make sure your website is still responsive
With the majority of your prospective customers browsing on a mobile device, it’s important that your website is constantly adapting to new ways to browse on the go. If your website is already responsive, look again - how can you make your user experience even better on mobile?

Get your speed under control
Hand in hand with your customers’ desire to browse on the go is the need to be able to find the information they need as quickly as possible - which means faster loading times. A whopping half of visitors could drop off your site if it takes more than ?3 seconds? to load . Review your site speed and identify bumps with your web development team.

Find and fix all broken links
It’s a simple to-do that’s often overlooked, and can cause significant bounce rates. The good news is that free online tools such as ?Broken Link Checker? can do most of the work by identifying broken links for you.

Test what’s really working
Getting a handle on Google Analytics in 2019 will provide invaluable insight into what your customers like about your website and what you need to change, whilst also enabling you to understand how your visitors find your site and what their demographic is. You can even use Google Analytics to analyse the results of A/B testing, so that you know you’re giving your customers the best possible experience.

Protecting their data is a priority for your customers, so if your e-commerce website doesn’t hold an SSL certificate, you’ll not only rank lower in their estimation, but in Google’s too. SSL authentication encrypts data and prevents hackers from accessing information exchanged between a web browser and a server (your customer and your website) and having it is part of the PCI DSS (?Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Use original images
Using original and authentic imagery has been proven to get better results; it gives your brand a stronger, more authentic persona which in turn instills more trust from your customers. What’s more, it allows you to showcase who your business really is by showing the people, products and workplaces that make it tick. Head over to Wida’s ?photography services page? for more information on how we can help you to capture the perfect pictures.

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