Your Social Media Content Inspiration

21 December 2021

One of the most central and important aspects to any business’ marketing plan is to have a strong social media presence. This is something that you really can’t do without if you are going to try and keep your business growing online.

But if you have only just started out in the world of social media marketing, then you might be wondering how to approach it - and in particular, what kind of content you should probably include.

Let’s take a look at some of the strongest contenders for the kind of content that a good social media campaign should have.

User-Generated Content

One of the great benefits of user-generated content is that it frees up a considerable amount of your marketing budget, for the simple fact that you are getting people to send you their own content instead. You’ll be amazed at how many people actually do this, especially if you offer a free product as a prize, or even just the promise of engagement for their own social media channels. Plus, the content has the authentic look of belonging to users, which makes it more effective for most of the people seeing it.

Sharing Your Expertise

Another kind of content to consider having lots of on your social channels is that where you share your expertise. This is important in a number of ways. Most importantly of all, it allows you to demonstrate that you are truly the trusted resource when it comes to your particular field of interest, and that is something that helps your SEO as well as encourages people to come to you more often. Think of it as thought leadership, and do what you can to put yourself and your brand right at the top.


People always get involved in competitions, and even when they don’t they will very often make a point of sharing the posts that you are putting up anyway, so you are going to drive a lot of engagement either way when you host various competitions through your social media channels. If nothing else, you will be able to bring in a lot more interest, and you should at least be doing one big competition every couple of months or so. That can really make a huge difference to how visible you are online.

Influencer Collaborations

Influencers are worth getting in touch with if you are keen to improve your social media exposure, as this is going to help you to get your posts seen so much more. They are the experts at doing that, after all - but do make sure that you are approaching the right influencers and not just anyone. It makes an enormous difference whom you choose to collaborate with. As long as you choose right, this should really help a lot.

Those are just some of the best kinds of content to include to ensure that your social media marketing works as effectively and as powerfully as you would hope. Be creative, make use of these, and all should be well.