Wida’s Website Design Nightmares

26 October 2018

With Halloween just around the corner, find out what makes Wida lose sleep when it comes to website design.

Nasty navigation

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself lost in a website for hours, trying to find something simple with no chance of escape! A strong, well planned wireframe in the early stages of design can prevent such spooky mishaps.

Scary security

When it comes to staying safe online, data protection is any sensible customer’s top priority. Wida’s robust servers keep our customers’, and their customers’ data safely guarded and backed-up.

Loathsome loading times

Waiting around can turn even your best customer into a beast, which is why Wida operate on Windows servers. We also make sure all of our websites are responsive, for consistent performance on any browser or device.

Freaky fonts

Squinting at our screens for too long can lead to a ghoulish complexion, which is why we only use Web Safe fonts in our website design.

Phantom photography

Outdated imagery and pixelated pics can leave customers creeped-out. Wida’s professional photography service offers high-quality imagery that can be optimised for a range of online platforms.

Shady SEO

Our dedicated Account Managers have helped to lift many an online marketing curse, with tailored, comprehensive, and transparent SEO packages that deliver visible results.

Has your website been haunted by any of these spectres? Call Wida on
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