Why You Should Design with Responsive Mobile in Mind

21 July 2021

Have you ever gone back and seen what some of the earliest websites looked like? They were tiny in terms of actual data size and contained hardly any information. Most were text-only, but as time moved on we started seeing colours and images added to site designs. Nowadays, websites are far more complex and contain numerous pages with all sorts of information on them.

Not only that, but the way in which we view websites has changed forever. Instead of only looking at sites on desktop computers, many people will surf the web on mobile devices. Primarily, this includes mobile phones and tablets. Consequently, you need to alter your website design to keep mobile users in mind. This leads to a concept called responsive design, which relates to how your site can adapt itself to fit smaller devices.

The whole purpose of this is to make your site easier for people to browse on mobile devices. Nevertheless, there are some key reasons you should design with responsive mobile in mind:

Mobile SEO

Did you know that Google operates a mobile-first indexing policy? When putting the mobile search results together, Google will give priority to sites that are mobile-friendly. They want users to have the best mobile browsing experience possible, hence the mobile-friendly sites are shown first. If you don't have a responsive design that's mobile-tested, you won't appear very high in the search rankings. To improve your mobile SEO, you need responsive web design.

Brand reputation

Mobile web design also plays a big role in your brand reputation. It's 2021, and all mobile users expect websites to be mobile-friendly. Quite frankly, if a site isn't, it reflects poorly on the brand. Your brand can look below par if you don't have this very basic element of web design on your site. You seem unprofessional, which makes users shy away from choosing your products or services. Why would they buy anything from you when there are lots of other sites that clearly know what they're doing as they have a mobile-friendly web design.

Lead generation & sales

Following on from the previous two points, a responsive mobile design will help you generate leads and sales. Improving your mobile SEO drives more traffic to your site, which means you have lots of potential leads to capture. The responsiveness and fluidity of your optimised site appeal to users, keeping them on it for longer. They will be impressed with what they see, which can make them easily influenced into purchasing products or services.

To summarise, you need to design with responsive mobile in mind as it will directly influence how successful your website is. So many users browse via mobile devices, and you can literally miss out on lots of customers by not optimising your site for mobile users. You'll be less visible in search engines, provide a terrible user experience, and struggle to make sales.

If you need help making your website more mobile-friendly and responsive, we can be of assistance. Contact us today to learn how we can help.