Why is it important to have a good website design?

4 October 2022

Having a website in today's modern world is essential for any type of business. Your website acts as a digital shop window for your brand, so you need to take the right steps to try and draw web users in if you want to reap the many rewards that a quality website can offer. The rewards that can come from an amazing online platform can be so beneficial for your business and its reputation, so it’s no surprise that brands big and small take web design pretty seriously these days. Check below to find just a few of the most notable reasons why it’s so important to have good website design!


  1. Offers a memorable user experience


The digital user experience is pretty similar to that which a customer might have when they enter a brick and mortar store, as it’s vital that you can make your visitors feel welcome, comfortable and motivated to buy. A great website can act as the perfect replacement to the customer experience one might receive in store when things are done correctly, as features such as chat-bot messaging services can help to dispel confusion and ensure every visitor finds exactly what they are searching for. Providing your customers with a positive memorable experience online will certainly motivate them to keep coming back for more, as realising just how fun, easy and convenient it can be to shop with your brand online will encourage them to return time and time again.


  1. Allows for easy navigation


Let’s be honest - there’s nothing more annoying than a bad quality website that’s particularly tricky to navigate meaning you simply can’t buy what you came for. This is something that you need to actively avoid, as allowing easy navigation on your website will offer your users the smoothest, hassle free experience. Easy navigation can offer users peace of mind, as they can access exactly what they’re after in a few clicks without the need for stress or struggle. When you make your products or services hard to locate, the chances are visitors will give up trying sooner rather than later - good web design will certainly prevent this risk!


  1. Increase your conversion rate


Good web design can contribute to an increase in your conversion rate, as customers who enjoy using your site and subsequently trust your platform are much more likely to invest in your products or services as a result. You can also use web design to your advantage by highlighting specific items on your homepage, or using eye-catching fonts that can grab a user's attention. Both the positioning and colouring of your products and their surrounding stylistic features are so important when you are attempting to increase your conversion rate online.


  1. Helps to build trust


A well designed website helps to build trust with new customers, as a high quality design would suggest that you offer high quality products and services, too. A poorly designed website will no doubt have the opposite effect, as this could trigger concerns over legitimacy or authenticity due to the lack of effort and attention to detail. Offer a professional design that is both neat and stylish for the best results.