Why bespoke website designs are better than templates

25 August 2021

With many different templates available for a relatively low price, it can be tempting to think that this is the best option for you over a bespoke website design. However, there are many different benefits that a bespoke web design can offer your website to make sure it looks as good as possible and delivers the best user experience possible.

Why Choose a Bespoke Website Design?

One of a Kind

It goes without saying that a bespoke web design by a web designer can give your website a truly unique look that no other site has. When you buy a ready-to-use template, chances are many other websites will feature this design. While it may be customisable, at some point, you won't be able to make any changes to specific features without running the risk of breaking the template. For this reason, bespoke websites will always be the best option.

Built for Speed

Typically templates come with a slew of built-in plugins for features you may not use. Even demo content which you then have to get rid of. All of this can slow down your website and make it sluggish for users to navigate. Anything contained in the website design that you don't need can seriously affect the performance of your website, so choosing a bespoke web design can eliminate this and allow your site to load better and faster, which is vital for ranking high in Google.


Having a secure website is something you need to ensure at all times. Do you know exactly what is contained in the code in the premade template you are using? Can you guarantee the safety of website visitors from hackers who look to steal information from users of your site? A web developer can offer professional web hosting to allow you to make sure your website is safe and secure at all times with a valid SSL certificate.

SEO Ready

A bespoke web design means that you don't need to install any plugins to help your website become SEO optimised. A bespoke website design will ensure you are well optimised and ready to go when the website is ready.


Design your website around your visitors and provide them with the best path with some research and user journeys. The User Experience (UX) is one of the aspects of ranking in Google. It is important to consider when building a website and wireframing each page to ensure a seamless user journey from their entry point to the CTA and finish point. You can easily customise your user journeys with a custom-designed website design, which is impossible with a premade theme.

When looking at the pros and cons of a bespoke website design over a premade template, look at your options carefully and how your site will benefit from the services of a website developer who can work with you provide a fast, comprehensive design that not only does everything you need it to without all the bloat that comes with premade templates but is also scalable for the future to accommodate changes you might need to make easily.