What Are the Benefits of Google My Business?

16 May 2022

Today’s consumers use Google search to find practically any product or service that you can imagine. These include:

● Roof repair

● Cosmetics

● Jewellery

● Barbershops

● Restaurants

● Lawyers

In fact, the California-based search giant has a 75 percent market share globally, meaning that most people are using it to make purchasing decisions every month.

To support this, Google developed Google My Business. The aim of the service is to make it easier for users to find businesses selling the things that they want. The tool makes companies more visible online, allowing customers in their vicinity to find them faster.


What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a set of tools Google provides to increase participating businesses’ visibility on Google Search and Google Maps. It is perhaps the most powerful SEO boost that companies can get, particularly if they are new and targeting local audiences.

GMB lets businesses edit how they appear online. You can upload photos, information about opening hours, and post tags relating to what you sell, all of which are visible to users when they type in relevant keywords.

Critically, GMB is for businesses wanting to target people close by. For instance, a customer might type “Turkish restaurant London” into Google Search. Google will then present a list of GMB-powered recommendations in search results or in Maps, showing all the restaurants that meet the users’ keyword criteria.

If your business is a Turkish restaurant, then Google will prioritise your website, even if your pages are new. The result is more business and conversions.


What Are The Benefits Of Google My Business?

Creating a GMB profile is quick and easy. Google will send a unique code to your business address to confirm your location. All you need to do is enter this code to make your account go live. Once you set it up, you can look forward to a host of benefits.


GMB Is Free

Unlike many digital promotional platforms, GMB is free. This is because Google wants to provide users with as many relevant opportunities to purchase goods and services as possible. The more firms that use its platform, the more helpful and useful it becomes.


GMB Is Easy To Use

In addition, GMB is also incredibly easy to use. Unlike many B2B solutions, it is highly intuitive and feels more like a consumer-facing service. Adding company information is simple, and Google provides guidance throughout in the form of helpful tips and pop-ups.


GMB Actively Offers Insightful Information

GMB also helps business owners better understand their target audiences at a given moment in time. For instance, it can show you how many views your profile gets, what customers are searching for when your business shows up in results, and demographic information, such as the age, gender and country your customers come from.


GMB Supports Reviews

Lastly, signing up to GMB allows users to write reviews of your products and services – valuable social proof. Research suggests that enterprises with more reviews generate 54 percent more revenue