What are the benefits of digital marketing for small businesses?

2 November 2022

As such, digital marketing is a powerful tool for introducing your brand to a new audience. Not only does this grant you an incredible amount of flexibility regarding the type of marketing content you produce, but which potential consumers you target.

It has always been the case that small business marketing is best delivered in a local area, with clear and consistent messaging. Digital marketing methods thrive in that context, from delivering social media advertisements to undergoing search engine optimization (SEO) to keep your brand primed for organic Google traffic.

But what are the constituent benefits of digital marketing for small businesses? Let’s explore this, below:


1. It’s affordable.

It can take a great deal of investment for a small company to purchase a TV spot, space in a local magazine, or put out their own signage. With digital media, you can spread sponsored advertisements seen by potentially thousands of eyeballs for a comparatively lower cost.

Simply running your own Instagram with beautiful photography of your product and event can be its own form of marketing, entirely self-directed.

It’s also important to note online purchases of PPC advertisements are scaleable, so you can meet the exact limitations of your budget without costly contracts..


2. You can target specific audiences.

Online advertisement, with advertisement ID and social media targeting, can directly present your content to specific audiences.

You may tailor this to interests, profession, age, sex, and many other metrics that help you present your adverts to those most likely to try and find out more.

With keyword research and segmenting customers into personalised categories, your marketing campaign gains maximal impact.


3. You’ll reach more people than ever.

The internet knows no borders, and so with a social media presence, a strong website, and targeted ads, you could reach as many relevant people overseas as you do in your local area.

For small businesses, this gives them access to a much wider market, sometimes even appealing at the same level as larger businesses within their industry. It’s not hard to see how this can inspire plucky companies looking to grow.

However, with capable, well-designed landing pages and a good SEO focus, you can solely target your local area if this is what you care for.


4. You can measure your results and the contributive metrics that lead to great outcomes.

If you put out a billboard, you can never tell how many people actually notice it. You hope they do, but if you encounter sales growth after putting it up, that’s circumstantial evidence at best.

Digital marketing gives you clear, consistent metrics. How many times your ad has been seen, the click-through rate, the followers you gain, the amount of ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ your content has found, it all counts and makes a difference. It also helps you clearly determine, using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, SEMRush, and more, if this campaign has been a success.

This way, you don’t have to leave anything to chance.


So - what does this all mean?

It means digital marketing could be the wisest investment your company has made in some time, and you get to define the form and format of your approach.

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