The Elements Of User Experience

10 September 2021

User experience, user satisfaction and user interaction are three of the main aspects to take into account when designing a product. Each one is important in its own way because it affects user behaviour and can be used as a leverage point for improvement.

User experience or UX means that the user understands what each feature is for, becomes familiar with them and has an intuitive feeling for how they work. The user's overall reaction to using the product should be satisfying; this includes functional issues such as ease-of-use, adding value through customer service as well as brand loyalty and recruitment of new customers. User experience design refers to an area of knowledge that is concerned with the creative processes of interactive products that facilitate a user's needs throughout all stages of interaction.

When user experience is mentioned, user satisfaction and user interaction follow closely behind. If you eliminate a user's frustration with a product, they will have the motivation to find out more about it and even spread their positive experiences to others who may also be interested in using it. Every feature of a user interface updates the user about what progress they are making and how far they still need to go to reach their goal. It helps users find new ways around obstacles if they can't complete an action directly or discover things that might be useful for them in future sessions e.g. trends in designs or menu choices when using search engines online. User interaction plays an active role because its functionality makes features accessible by guiding users through the product. Interfaces need to be user-centred in order to meet user expectations while satisfying their goals.

Key concepts for user experience design

User experience can be described as a specific emotional response that consumers have upon meeting with services and products. This service or product produces a user reaction such as how user interfaces are found, how easy they are to use, whether there is an impact on customer satisfaction and/or any other aspect relating to user perception about the outcome of using these services or products. In addition, user experience is presented by personal characteristics which play an important role in influencing a person's feelings and behaviour in terms of user experience design. For example, user characteristics such as age, gender and education are potential user interfaces for user behaviour that play a great role in user experience as they influence how people view the world.

Anticipation vs. satisfaction

There is a thin line between anticipation and user satisfaction. Anticipation comes from promises which the product or service has made to the user while satisfying user expectations is more about delights with what has been delivered to its users. The main difference between these two concepts lies in their level of importance. When the user receives something that doesn't meet his/her expectations, he/she will not be satisfied but if a company manages to deliver on expectations, the user will be satisfied regardless of how he/she felt before receiving it.

User experience requirements

A user experience can be considered successful when an individual has a positive feeling about using a product or service. It doesn't have to possess all tools and utilities which would make user interfaces more user-friendly but it must deliver its main functions in order to provide an optimal user experience as well as sufficient user satisfaction. User experience is not only affected by the visual design but also by user meanings and interactions. Good user experiences are created through designing clear information structures, intuitive workflows and consistent behaviour between different platforms with ease-of-use for users to find their way throughout every user interface.

Key user characteristics for user experience design

The user's expectations and needs affect his/her perception of user interfaces. To have a good user experience, a product or service must be designe