The Benefits of Professional Photography

13 December 2016

In today’s ever growing technological world, the smart phone is one of the most popular pieces of equipment and as every new model is improved the camera is improved with it, such as the new and upcoming Pixel phone by Google and the iPhone 7, both sporting impressive 12mp cameras.

While not as advanced as the modern purpose built cameras around, you can still use the phone’s camera to take a picture that is of an acceptable quality to quickly post to social media or if you fiddle around with the very minor settings you could take one that would be suitable for small basic web presentation.

Though you might be able to coax a half decent image from your phone’s camera that may surprise you and could be potentially be used in several ways. Media in business is only getting bigger and that means the presentation platforms are as well, screens are getting larger and able to produce more detail than ever before allowing you to show off products in detailed ways that you couldn’t previously and because of this you images will need to be able to match the demands of the devices they are going to be shown on.

A fine example of how a mobile phone camera has captured a great image would be the Royston & Lund website (, the image in question is the image of the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, captured beautifully by Gary Lund.

The only real and sure-fire way to achieve the desired result and to get an image that you can really show off is to take the picture with a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera), which on average have around a 16mp camera, but they can go up to 120mp.

It’s not just about the pixels though, these cameras come in to their own with the ability to change their settings such as white balance, iso (light sensitivity), aperture and exposure time (shutter speed) to produce a superior and much more custom image than that taken on a camera phone, and in the hands of a professional you’re just not going to get a better image than that taken with their DSLR.

At Wida Group we believe presentation and quality are essential to any business wanting to showcase what they do and can offer to their clients, and as they say an image can say a thousand words. This is why we offer a professional photography service to help you get the images that you want and deserve for your business needs, whether you plan to use the imagery for on or offline purposes we can create the look you require whilst adhering to your brand image and guidelines.