Stock Images vs Photography

7 December 2015

Imagery is critical in bringing a website to life but sometimes it's hard to make the right choice and balance between stock images and professional tailor made photography.

Think about the last time you visited a website and clicked on a ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Customer Service’ link that sat alongside an image of a customer service agent? Now did that person actually look like someone who worked for the company, or could you instantly see that it was a generic, disingenuous, stock photo? We’re guessing it was probably the latter.

Now think about how you would have felt if you had seen a picture of the person who was actually going to be assisting you? While it is your teams’ duty to create a personal connection with a customer, authentic photos of your team members versus generic photos can really lay the groundwork for a connection to be made.

Using your own professionally taken images creates trust and reliability in your brand and company straight away, before a potential customer has even started to read about your company.

Websites can be skilfully designed and perfectly laid out, but with the use of poorly chosen stock images, or poor quality photography, it can really lack pizzazz.

Having a professional photographer take custom photographs for your website will enhance your site no end. You will not only be able create images that are tailored to your tastes, but high quality photographs will showcase your products and services with the aesthetic qualities that match your business, personality, and style.

Professional custom images will provide an inside look into the culture of your business and the personalities of your team members. One-of-a-kind photographs that are unique to your business will not be found elsewhere online - or posted on your competitor's site, will give your website a unique personality! Customers want to see what your actual products, office and staff look like! Allowing potential customers to get a sense of what they're purchasing or who they're working with will create a sense of satisfaction and trust in your services even before they make their first purchase.

Lucky for you, here at Wida we offer a high impact, tailored photography service to our customers specific requirements called Wida Photography. Having worked across a broad range of market sectors, we can offer you photography that is tailored to your website and marketing requirements. We offer on location studio-based lighting, which gives us the ability to create eye catching images that are bright, colourful and memorable, as well as professional product photography. Whatever market you operate in, we have the solution for you!
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