PPC Trends to Watch Out For In 2021

30 April 2021

In the world of digital marketing, an essential tool that has become a game-changer is pay-per-click or PPC. PPC is an online advertising model that converts into a fee once a user clicks on an ad. PPC in a normal year is quite unpredictable and sways depending on the popular trends.

The year 2020, however, was quite unusual with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To help you get the most of your 2021 marketing strategy and campaign, here's a look at some of the trends that will outwit your competition.


PPC Automation

By atomising your PPC, you will be giving ultimate control to a set of algorithms and artificial intelligence to take action based on collected data. This highly varies with the initial objections set for the digital marketing campaign.

You might assume that automation refers to automatic bidding strategies such as the number of conversions, clicks, or impressions. However, it relates to using various rules or scripts in your account that will save you time on optimisation or auditing.

There is a limit to automation, however. During the initial stages, human input is essential in ensuring that the algorithm is running on data.

With automation, a change you might notice in 2021 is the introduction of Responsive search ads. RSA's let you create an ad that adapts to display more text and more relevant messages to your users.

RSA will improve your online marketing by adjusting the text to match your potential client's search criteria, increasing your campaign's performance.


The Tik Tok Era

Tik Tok has invaded the digital world and has outrun other social platforms that have been in existence for years. Tik Tok currently boasts of approximately 1.9 billion users that have created a cultural reset of a great magnitude.

The imposition of lockdowns and curfews during the Covid-19 pandemic has largely contributed to the video-sharing platform's growth.

With its growth in popularity, it is increasingly becoming a to-go-to platform for ads. Tik Tok's algorithm works by learning your preferences and generates advertisements that appeal to you.

Running an ad on Tik Tok will help you find your target audience, who are more the tech-savvy and young generation.


Video Ads

Video is the new TV. Most people have switched from sharing their content on national television to integrating it into videos shared through mobile. Video content is easy to consume and provides a way for the user to interact through likes, shares, and comments.

Facebook and YouTube are good examples where you can place your ad. The videos are displayed in feeds, mid-way of other videos or stories, therefore creating a wide-base for your ad to be seen.

In general, videos have a higher CTR rate of 1.84%.


Amazon Ads

With the restriction of movement due to the Covid pandemic, users are more inclined to shop online than physically visit a store. Amazon has largely benefited from this with an increase in traffic of users in the year 2020.

Amazon's advertising platform works on a similar concept as Google ads, whereby users can create search and view campaigns.

While the virus does not seem to be out of the way soon, 2021 might be another great year for Amazon and for you to boost your business' online marketing strategy.