Planning Building a New Website

4 October 2023

With the internet being so popular nowadays, what was once your brand-spanking new website is likely to be severely outdated some few years down the line.

That’s why it’s important to revamp your old site or if you’re a new business, plan the creation of your company’s website.

What do you need to plan and build a new website? Well, here at Widagroup, we’ve got the answers and the services to execute whatever you need for your business website.

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The benefits of building a new website

There are many benefits to building a new website. From boosting your search rankings on Google, boosting sales or simply offering your customers a more engaging experience, it’s useful to invest a budget into your website.

If your website isn’t performing well, is slow to load or is not mobile-friendly, it might be time for a change.

Plan your website with a website brief

To help deliver the best website for your needs, we’ll need you to fill out a website brief. This helps us to understand what you’re after, an understanding of the business itself, as well as other details including:

  • Problems you’d like to address with the new site
  • Your target audience
  • Competitors
  • Features and functionality
  • Branding

Our services work with you to find a design that reflects your business and brand image.

The importance of site structure

Structure is an incredibly important part of website design. It’s what your new site needs in order to find success and help navigate users throughout the site itself.

We’ll help ensure your website has a solid structure, is well-organised and more importantly, gets noticed by the search engines. That recognition will help to boost your site’s exposure and presence online.

Website building & testing

As part of our services at Widagroup, we offer bespoke software development to cater to a business of any size. We help build a site that’s responsive and works for your users. Through rigorous testing, our experts will create a website that’s sure to knock the socks off your competitors.

We offer many integrations that you can implement into your site, depending on the purpose your site serves to the target audience.

Website support

You won’t be abandoned as soon as your site goes live. Our team will set up your website on our server and hosting service. Checks will be made to sure everything is functioning correctly and you can take advantage of our SEO teams and PPC teams once the site is live.

Reporting and analysis

As part of our website build services, we also monitor how your website is performing. Full visibility through our in-house reporting system is offered to all of our customers to utilise. Our services can look at how well your new site is performing, as well as help make the changes needed for it to thrive.

Let Widagroup plan and build your business website

Our website agency is highly rated as one of the best for web design. If you’re looking to make a change to your existing website or you’re looking to build a new website from scratch, trust Widagroup to help you achieve those objectives.