May 2022 Core Update

20 July 2022

What is Google’s Core update?


Google’s May 2022 Broad core update pertains directly to its proprietary algorithms and how they are deployed. The update was announced as it is a broader update than the smaller and less impactful ones Google puts out daily.


The purpose of the broad update is to improve search results for the end-user. In addition, the rollout is advantageous for web searchers as their search experience will improve. They will now receive search results that are better related to their requested queries.


Basically, the words they type into Google’s search engine are the words for which they will find search results. Due to this, content and SEO matter for you and your business.


Why is SEO important?


Content is at the heart of Google’s most recent Broad update. Your content will be optimized and, ideally, show up on the first page of a Google search. Additionally, you want your company’s web page to rank as high as possible on that sought-after page one.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving web search efficiency through the strategic use of keywords. Some tips for effectively using SEO include:


● Focus on what people are looking for

This means you need to be aware of the different ways web users might search for your products, services, or content.


● Understand and research your competition

Conduct research on direct competitors to see how they shape their content. Perform web searches with the intent of seeing how well their web pages perform in terms of ranking.


● Implement your findings

Once you determine needed changes in keywords, make those changes incrementally. Adapt your webpage and meta descriptions' respective content to reflect the keywords needed to direct traffic organically to your site.


What does Google’s core update mean for you?


Be proactive and consider any updates from Google as a positive opportunity. Look at this as a refresh and assess your content. Make updates to your content and incorporate keywords with SEO in mind in these strategic areas:


● Website

● Social Media

● Meta Descriptions


Hiring web services professionals to scrutinize the performance of your content is helpful and will prove beneficial.


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