Match with your ideal online customers this Valentine's

13 February 2018

Every business has an ideal customer - the one who understands the value of your product or service and stays loyal to your brand.

But finding the one isn't always easy, and courting time-wasters can lead to heartache.

In the spirit of Valentine's day, we've compiled 4 simple steps to ensure Cupid’s arrow stays on target when it comes to attracting the right customers online.

1 - Get out there
What's the use in having a beautiful website if no one can see it? Find out what your target audience are searching for and boost your website content accordingly for maximum SEO appeal.

2 - Be confident
No one likes being sent mixed messages. Stand out with website design, branding and content that work in harmony to give your target audience a strong picture of what you’re all about.

3 - Make them feel special
Show your target audience how much you care with user-friendly, responsive design that will sweep them off their feet. Think about each user persona’s unique user journey, for an extra-personal touch.

4 - (Once you've matched) stay committed
You've found the perfect customer and settled into a great business relationship - but that doesn't mean you can stop making an effort. Keep the sparks flying with regular e-communications, remarketing campaigns and Aftersales support.

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