Marketing Tips And Tricks For Your Website

25 May 2021

Over 92% of UK residents have access to the Internet, with 46.6% of the population surfing the web on a daily basis. The web offers fantastic opportunities for businesses to promote products and services, engage with customers and reach new audiences. If you’re looking to attract more web traffic and use your website to increase sales and expand your client base, this guide is packed with marketing tips and tricks.

Digital marketing tips for an effective business website

Websites provide an array of benefits for businesses but they are not all created equal. To generate and convert leads, boost customer engagement and supercharge sales, it’s beneficial to take these digital marketing tips on board:


1.Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

You only have to look around you to see how popular mobile phones are today. In 2021, more than 50% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, meaning that it’s more important than ever for businesses to cater to mobile users. Ensure that your pages are mobile-friendly and optimise the user experience for smartphone and mobile device operatives. Google research suggests that half of web users would not use a site again if they had a poor experience while browsing on a mobile device.

2.Embrace the mantra ‘content is king’

Content marketing is one of the most effective solutions for businesses looking to increase sales or customer interactions through their website. High-quality, original, fresh, tailored content can set your brand apart and encourage web users to take that all-important next step. The content you produce should be relevant to both the brand and the target customer. Use different types of content, focus on quality and encourage engagement. Make sure that your content is useful, interesting and informative and tailor it to the relevant stage of the selling journey. You can use different language, content types and tones to raise awareness, to show what you know about the product and the industry as a whole and to persuade the user to make a final decision.

3.Create a visual site

Did you know that the human brain processes visual content up to 60,000 times faster than text? Pages of written content and long paragraphs can put web users off before they’ve even taken the time to look at a product. Vary your content, use visual media to catch the eye and attract attention and use images, videos and infographics to support written content and bring it to life. Video content is particularly effective. Adding clips to emails can increase click-through rates by up to 300% and the average web user will spend 88% more time on a page that has video content.

4.Add a blog

Blog posts are an excellent way to provide additional information about your brand, to encourage customers to spend longer on your site and to enhance user experience. Use your blog to keep customers up to date with news, share tips and advice, provide tutorials or guides or discuss matters related to your industry or the products and services you sell. Use keywords, backlinks and popular search terms to drive traffic, always add a catchy title and break up text with bullet points, headings and subheadings and images and video clips. Longer blog posts often rank higher and attract more attention so aim to create and share posts over 1,000 words.



Having a website is imperative in 2021 when screen time is increasing and online sales are soaring. If you’re designing or updating your website and you’re keen to try and attract more attention and increase lead generation and conversion, it’s wise to use these marketing tips and tricks. Ensure that your site is mobile-friendly, create high-quality, captivating, original content, vary content types to include visual media and use your blog to provide information, encourage communication and set your brand apart.