Last Minute Online Christmas Marketing Tactics

12 December 2017

Not seeing the results you expected from your current online Christmas campaigns? Left your Christmas marketing to the last minute? Not to worry - we’ve wrapped up our top tips to help bring more customers to your website this Christmas.

Establish your Christmas stand-point
Whether you’re offering a cheap-and-fast fix to last minute shoppers, or bespoke one-off gifts especially for her, make sure that your online messaging clearly communicates the type of products or service you are offering, and to who. Adding a simple line to campaigns, such as “big brand, discount watches for him” will set expectations and increase quality traffic.

Create a sense of urgency
Don’t give shoppers too much time to mull over your offers. Urge them on with time-sensitive offers or limited stock notifications, advertised on your website, over email, or on social media.

Get social
If you aren’t already posting on social media, then now’s the time to start. Instagram Stories, Instagram Videos, Facebook Videos, and Facebook Live Feeds are all great platforms for showcasing your product and what it can do. Adding share buttons to your product pages will also make it easier for others to share your products with others.

Jump on someone else’s bandwagon
Rather than trying to create a successful social media campaign from scratch, why not take the opportunity to engage with the big-budget, high profile campaigns that are already happening? Check out what’s trending on Twitter and Facebook and think about how your brand can enter the conversation.

Don’t forget to hashtag
People may be searching for products using social hashtags, especially on sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Make yours easier to find by including relevant hashtags in all social media posts.

Don’t let them get away
Even if customers don’t make purchase from you this Christmas, take the opportunity to direct the extra traffic to a newsletter sign-up form, or your social media page, and carry on the conversation in the New Year!

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