Is Amazon a Threat to Local Businesses?

14 November 2017

With Black Friday just around the corner, many are questioning whether mega-discount corporations are spelling a terminal sentence for smaller, local UK businesses.

Of course, multi-billion dollar corporations will always have the ability to undercut, but this doesn’t automatically make them the first choice for customers. We explain why we think local businesses will always be here to stay...

Local is... personal
One thing big corporations can never compete with is the level of personal service offered by a smaller business - particularly if the customer needs advice on finding the right product, or aftersales support.

Local is… saying something
Customers are also becoming more conscientious about where they choose to buy their products - with an increase in campaigns to support local businesses, and a greater number of audiences engaging with them on social media.

Local is… unique
Who wants to have the same as everybody else? Local businesses can offer unique products and services that can’t be found at online megastores, giving the customer that special sense of being amongst a few to “discover” a product or service.

Local is… evolving
Local businesses are beginning to compete online too - even those who have stayed stubbornly brick-and-mortar. Good quality websites and E-commerce sites are becoming increasingly easier and more affordable for small businesses to manage. Features such as Google My Business have also made it is easier for customers to plan a trip to a local business online.

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