How to write a case study for your website

13 August 2020

A case study is a perfect way to demonstrate the success of your company’s products or services. By explaining a particular example of how your business helped a client find a solution, you can prove your excellent customer service.

Why are case studies important?

A case study is an incredibly effective piece of marketing material. A compelling story is a great way to appeal to potential clients’ emotions. A specific example of how your business helped someone will build trust and boost your company’s reputation.

In one piece of content, you can offer a testimonial, feedback, and paint a clear picture of how your brand works with clients. The testimonial is from your customer’s point of view, so it’s a good way to show your business’s legitimacy by using their voice. A case study is a very useful sales tool in this way.

What makes a good case study?

There are several core features you should include in a case study for your website. It’s a good idea to prepare a checklist before you start. Some of the features of a good case study include:

  • A compelling story

Brainstorm your company’s greatest achievements. Think about a case where the client has been particularly satisfied and you went above and beyond. Choose a time where your company made a big impact.

  • A sector-specific example

Think of an industry-specific example so that you can demonstrate that your company has expertise in particular fields. If you work with different sectors, you could create a specific case study for each.

  • Problem-solving

A case study on your website should display key problem-solving examples.

  • Statistics and data

By including accurate stats and figures, your business will appear more legitimate. This provides clear evidence of how your company helped a client.

  • Client testimonials

Consumers tend to look for reviews from real customers before they decide to go with a

certain brand. It’s important to include client testimonials on your website.

How to write your case study?

Here are some basic steps to help you write your case study.

  • The headline

Write a snappy headline that outlines the goal you achieved.

  • The client

Start by introducing your client and in business cases, explain a bit about their industry. This will help make your case study more relatable.

  • The task

In the second section, describe the task and challenges you had to face. Talk about the problem your client needed to solve.

  • Your solution

Clearly provide evidence of how your products or services provided a solution to this client’s problems, and how their needs were met.

  • The results

Throw in a few facts and figures here to show the results of the case.

  • Client testimonial

Include is a real quote from your customer. You can include feedback as well on a separate part of your website.

A well-written case study can be an incredibly effective sales tool. Make it engaging and accurate, with a clear structure. If you follow these steps you’ll be able to create a compelling case study