How to increase your customer spending at Christmas

27 September 2018

Getting your customers to spend more over Christmas is all about giving them the best online shopping experience possible. Here’s how to make things quicker, easier and more delightful for Christmas 2018.

Be helpful

Chances are, your customer has more than one person to shop for - and they may not always know what to get for the next person on their list. Your product page and homepage are great place to introduce recommendations and cross-sell.

Simplify the checkout process

If customers can purchase, review and amend orders easily, then they are more likely to recommend your business to friends and come back for more. Many online shoppers are time-poor and will buy Christmas presents from only a handful of online stores. Amazon have taken advantage of this with their one-click ordering function, which speeds up shopping time by simplifying the entire check-out process into one click.

Optimise for mobile

Mobile shopping accounts for over a third of Christmas orders, so make sure your customer journey, call-to-actions and cross-sales are optimised for mobile with responsive design.

Anticipate big-spend days

Customer spending will fluctuate on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Take advantage of these fluctuations by researching trends, preparing promotions and enabling your business to handle increased demand.

Offer value-added services and sales incentives

Gift wrapping, free delivery and gift vouchers can all be used to inspire a higher spend, whilst reassuring the customer that they’ve achieved better value for money.

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