How to find transparent business partners in 2018

18 January 2018

From Hollywood harassment to Uber corruption, 2017 served as a bleak reminder that we could all be more careful about who we jump into business with.

Being able to spot a smooth talker from a straight one is critical when it comes to navigating the technical lingo of website design and digital services.

We've compiled our 4 key criteria for choosing transparent digital partners in 2018.


With more new website design agencies and digital entrepreneurs appearing every day, there's never been more choice for those seeking support. Look for a strong portfolio of case studies from previous clients or employers. Partners with experience of working with clients in your industry will be familiar with your problems and ready to offer tried and tested solutions.


A good reputation can't be bought - it's earned by delivering on promises and gaining people's trust. Ask around for recommendations to fast-track your search.


Being upfront from the start is a good sign that your relationship will be built on mutual respect. A trustworthy partner will only recommend the design features and services that are right for your business and budget, and won't be afraid to give you the facts.


Loyalty from both clients and employees shows that your new business partnership is also, more likely to withstand the test of time. Ask questions about this to give you confidence going forwards.

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