How to ensure your E-commerce website offers outstanding customer support

23 May 2018

Standing out from your E-commerce competitors is about more than demonstrating better quality and value - you’ve also got to offer outstanding customer support.

Here are some of the ways that you can offer better support to your E-commerce customers, so that they return and recommend.

Respond instantly
Installing a live chat function on your website will enable your business to respond instantly to customer enquiries, preventing your customer from leaving the site and enabling them to make a quicker decision about a purchase. Pre-written, automated responses can be developed for certain questions to increase efficiency.

Be clear
If you don’t have the resources to offer a live chat service, be clear about response times. Not knowing how long a response is going to take will only frustrate customers and could lead to losing sales.

Get social
Customers will expect your business to have some kind of social media presence, and being able to demonstrate great customer support on social media builds trust and brand advocacy. Respond publicly, resolve privately and share positive resolutions!

Refine your FAQ’s
Your customer’s time is valuable, so the more issues they can solve independently, the better. Structure your FAQ’s into categories for easier navigation, and make answers as clearly worded as possible. Bonus: having a comprehensive FAQ section can also boost your SEO!

Be accessible
Giving your customers access to to payment methods and details, order status’ and billing history reduces time-consuming enquiries and benefits both your business and them.

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