How to design a website-friendly logo

15 March 2019

Designing a new logo for your business is an exciting step in watching your vision become a  reality. When choosing the right logo it’s important to remember that your design not only needs  to look good, it also needs to adapt for a range of platforms and devices, including your website,  social media, and mobile. Here are our top tips for ensuring that your new logo will work online: 

Keep it simple
Simplicity is fundamental to good brand design, especially when it comes to digital design. Keeping your logo simple ensures it can be easily scaled to work at different sizes and resolutions - check out ? to see how the world’s biggest brands keep their identity strong at every scale.

Think of the bigger picture
Consider how your logo will influence other online design elements, such as icons, navigation and calls to action, in order to build a consistent experience that reinforces your brand at every stage in the customer experience. ? is a great example of how a strong design concept can create an assured and engaging brand presence online.

Choose a web-friendly typeface
Your logo’s font will influence the rest of your brand typeface choices, so choose one that is responsive and easy to read on a small scale. Complex and detailed font designs may look good on paper, but online they can prove a pain.

Select your colour palette carefully
There’s a reason why most companies opt to use just one or two colours in their logo design. For a start, it makes it easier for customers to identify a brand quickly, and secondly, it’s much easier to apply this type of logo against a variety of backgrounds.

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