How to concentrate your brand message across multiple platforms

26 September 2018

Winning the attention of our audience is no longer as simple as putting out a single print ad in their favourite magazine, or on a highway billboard - it requires online marketing that spans multiple and often very different platforms, each presenting their own set of branding capabilities and limitations.

Amongst the navigation of keywords and word counts, it can be easy to lose sight of core brand messages. Here’s how to make sure your online messages work to the strength of every platform, without watering down your core brand values.

Give every employee access to your core brand messages

Make sure every person on your team, whether they write copy or code, is aware of at least your fundamental brand values, and make a checklist of on and off-brand words and phrases as a reference point for due diligence.

Know where your audience is

It’s important to tailor your messaging not only for the platform you are using, but for the audience that platform is targeting. The segment of your target market viewing your adverts on the Facebook mobile app may be very different to those that come across your brand in a Google desktop search.

Be yourself

Don’t try and change your brand’s tone of voice to fit in with a certain platform - customers will see right through it. Consider how relevant the platforms you are using are to your company, and whether they could be doing more harm than good to your brand.

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