How To Clear Cache

8 March 2024

Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari save information from websites you visit in their cache and cookies. Although the main purpose is to improve the loading speed of the sites you frequently visit, not clearing them can work against you with time.

How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome

Here are some steps to clear cache in the Google Chrome browser:

  • Start Chrome and choose the three-dot menu icon in the upper corner of the browser window.
  • Click on Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Privacy and Security option from the sidebar. You can find the clear browsing data (cache) option from this menu. Choose it and ensure that you mark or select the box for cache images and files. You can also consider checking the boxes for browsing history, download history, and cookies if you want to clear these data for privacy reasons.
  • Click on clear data when you are ready to start the cache removal process. This step may last a while for users who haven't cleared their cache for a while. Therefore, make sure you close the schedule accordingly.

Why you should clear your cache regularly

Many internet browsers rely on the cache as a vital tool to improve the page-loading process. However, some don't notice that browser cache happens as the activity mostly runs in the background. However, things may go wrong sometimes if you try transitioning to a new website. You may not realise the change because your browser may be serving the cached version of a page. An outdated or corrupt cache can interfere with a website usage or a web page's normal function. That said, a major step to address browsing problems is to clear the cache, so feel free to consider this.

While this doesn't solve all issues, it's a great diagnostic approach to identify potential issues before you wrongly assume that a more complex problem is affecting your browsing experience. Those who use local web development solutions like MAMP may encounter common errors such as insecure website connections. You may be surprised to learn that issues like these can be fixed with a simple browser cache removal.

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