Google Warns About Mixed Content Blocking

16 October 2019

This month, Google has released that Chrome will start to block pages on websites with mixed content starting from December 2019.

What is Mixed Content I hear you say?

You may have heard of SSL certificates or HTTPS, if not you can have a read by clicking here. In short, having an SSL certificate on your website gives you a padlock against your domain name in the browser and the web page is loaded through https e.g. a secure web page.
Mixed content is where a web page may be loaded through https but also contains scripts, styles, images and linked content that is server through an insecure http protocol. This presents a security risk for your website users and your site itself.
In December 2019 Chrome 79 will be released, Chrome with then introduce a toggle that can be used to unblock insecure resources that Chrome is blocking.
With the release of Chrome 80 and 81, Google will take away the option to unblock and begin to blocked mixed content web pages and content by default.

A quick way to check your site for Mixed Content
Here is a free to use website that scans up to 400 pages of your site and tells you if you have any mixed content;

Click here - JitBit

If you're still unsure if you have an SSL certificate already or concerned about mixed content, please contact our office on 0115 9214797.

Thanks for reading.