Creating the Perfect Website Design Brief

12 September 2017

So you’re looking for help designing a new website, and you’ve found a company that you think can do the job. How do you make sure that they can meet your expectations in their proposal? The best place to start is with a good brief. We’ve highlighted the key questions to ask your business to ensure you get the best from your website design team.

Outline your business goals/strategy
Providing your website designers with a clear picture of your business’s history and vision for the future will help them to make the right recommendations for your website. Try to explain what makes your business unique and different to others in your industry.

Explain how your new website should help you achieve these
For example, if your goal is to increase your number of online sales by 20%, your website will need to make the customer journey quicker, easier and more convenient for them. If your goal is to increase your search ranking for “Launderettes in Nottingham”, your website will need to be optimised for this term. Being specific about how you think your website can help you achieve your goals, and how it can be different from your old website will help your designer to build a more personalised proposal.

Identify your audience
Who will be using your website? Split them into categories, and outline their age, profession, income and interests. This will help your web designers to design a website around your user requirements - after all, they are the ones you want to impress.

Outline key features and software integrations required
If you know what features you wish to include, then list these, alongside any software that you need to integrate with your website - this is an important part of receiving an accurate quote the first time round.

Provide brand guidelines if you have them
If you have brand guidelines, or examples of recent on-brand designs, then give them to your web designer. They will be able to use them to make sure that your website branding is consistent with other online and offline platforms.

Indicate your budget and timeframe
Communicating a clear budget and timeframe from the start will ensure that you are offered the best value website design possible, and allow your web designer to flag up any concerns early on.

Don’t forget SEO and digital marketing services
More and more businesses are realising that SEO should be at the forefront of new website projects, not an afterthought. If you want your new website to be seen by your target audience, it’s essential to budget for monthly SEO and digital marketing services as part of your new website launch.

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