Celebrating Nikons 100th year anniversary

With the Tochigi, Japan based Nikon celebrating their 100th year and the launch of their Anniversary products we thought it would be interesting to have a trip down memory lane with the Nikons we have used over the years.


Our first foray in to the world of digital photography was with the Nikon Coolpix 950. Sporting a 2 Megapixels CCD image sensor it was a ground breaking camera in many respects particular for speed of image delivery, especially when you compare it to conventional film cameras. This cameras was always on hand to capture the moment when it presented itself.


In 2005 Wida made its first tentative steps into more 'professional quality images' with our first Digital SLR (DSLR). This came in the form of the Nikon D200, a great advancement due to the fact that you could use interchangeable lenses to add more diversity to the images captured. The larger APSC sensor offered an improvement in detail, colour tonality and the overall image was considerably larger at 10 Megapixels.


Now things started to really hot up with probably our favourite camera of all time - our beloved Nikon D700. This cameras sported true 35mm (Full Frame) sensor and this led to many advantages especially with regards to low light images. Because the sensor was larger we were able to capture cleaner images at higher ISOs.


This was the year the Olympics came to London and with that saw the launch of the eagerly anticipated Nikon D4. Here at Wida we were excited to see what this low light powerhouse could offer. It offered a better auto focus system and more frames per second which was especially advantageous when you have to 'capture the moment'.


The Nikon D750 was acquired to give us more resolution that the Nikon D4's 16 Megapixel sensor. The D750's resolution was a real step up at 24 Megapixels and this gave us the ability to crop into photographs with the added resolution.


Bigger and better, We now welcome the Nikon D5. A true thoroughbred into the Wida stable of cameras. Not only does it produce excellent images but coupled with a specialist WiFi adapter the WT-6, we can automatically send the images to the office on-the-fly meaning absolutely no wait for that crucial shot.

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