Can a change of font really improve business?

14 September 2018

We’ve seen more and more companies choose to rebrand their on and off-line communications with cleaner, simpler and more sophisticated fonts in 2018, experimenting with traditional serifs and sans-serifs to produce modern new typographical styles.

So what makes a font so special, and can a change of font produce a measurable and worthwhile Return on Investment for your online business?

For starters, re-evaluating your brand’s online typography could help attract a wider audience to your business. As the demographic of internet users widens, and our reliance on the internet increases, it’s become more important than ever for digital communications to be accessible to everyone and anyone - and font choice plays a big part in your website’s accessibility. This is particularly important if your business provides a public service, such as healthcare or legal advice.

Sans-serifs are easier to read on a low-resolution screen, however with advances in technology, we are beginning to see an increasing trend in serif font use in digital design, with a combination of both chosen by many designers.

Humanist sans-serifs have also increased in popularity, as designers seek to evoke originality and warmth without compromising efficiency.

Nunito adds flair and personality for Box Property without compromising speed (design by Wida Group)

Finally, keeping up with this font trend will help your business to present a more cutting-edge, competitive, digital image. A great example of a company doing this well is our own ?UK Parliament?, who have rebranded their entire on and off-line communications to be more accessible and digitally-led.

SomeOne agency’s rebrand of UK Parliament, which mixes custom-designed serifs and sans-serifs
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