Highly Effective Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

26 November 2020

Black Friday is around the corner and, while this might be one of the greatest opportunities for consumers, it is also an unmissable one for retailers. With the right marketing strategies, you can boost sales and improve your brand’s reputation, increase visibility, and expand your audience. Of course, the competition is fierce during this time of the year, but spendings are also at its highest. Get ready for it now!

Start building awareness early on

Black Friday is an event that has changed meaning over time, but it has been around since 1869. Therefore, there is plenty of data and statistics you can use to better understand the consumers’ behaviors during this time of the year - and adapt.

For example, data shows that consumers and buyers make their first visit to a retailer 41 days in advance. This helps them to check out the pricing and the type of discounts available on Black Friday - if you have already made those available.

While you should not start your promotions so much in advance, you should definitely consider creating awareness of your offers, something that might increase your conversion rate during the Black Friday weekend.

Boost long-term performance with permanent Black Friday pages

Of course, you will have banners and advertisements showing the offers you have created for Black Friday. However, don’t forget that many users will wait for this particular time of the year to make purchases until the next Black Friday. So, they will be doing their research early on.

Keeping your Black Friday page up and running throughout the year might help boost performance and engagement during this time of the year and beyond.

Having a landing page for this event in place all year round will help you improve your search engine ranking when users search for it during Black Friday. Additionally, it can give you the chance to insert a call to action and get your audience to sign up and stay current with the latest discounts. A win-win!

Ensure your websites can handle the increase in traffic.

Of course, marketing is key to increase visibility and expand your audience. But can your eCommerce website sustain such a drastic increase in traffic?

It is vital that when users visit your website, you offer a suitable, comfortable, and efficient environment for them to shop. Make sure your eCommerce site is ready for it by testing it in advance.

Leverage UX best practices

Shoppers prefer to complete their purchases during this time of the year because of the limited offers they can find. If you are indeed launching some promotions, ensure these are easily findable by your audience.

Some larger retailers do this by changing up their home pages and adding banners and special categories. If you can’t scale your eCommerce website or product, make sure the offers are easily accessible. Of course, you should also improve the options to view and shop in a streamlined and efficient way.

Find alternative channels to get your message across.

While paid media and ads might work all year round to attract your specific audience, you will need to keep in mind that the situation might differ during Black Friday. During this time, larger retailers will maximize visibility and use the larger budget at their disposal. Because of their budget, it might be challenging to beat such big corporations at their own game. So, use alternative channels and strategies.