Benefits of Responsive Design

22 February 2016

It’s fast approaching a year from when Google changed how they crawl and index websites on mobile devices.

Google made this change in April 2015 after identifying how we, as users chose to view information on the web. Increasingly more and more of us search the internet via mobile devices rather than desktop and as a result Google naturally want to offer better search results for their users. Therefore if a website ticks all the boxes for Google from a mobile responsive user friendly point of view then they are more likely to be displayed higher up the search engine rankings.

Here at Wida, we offer responsive design websites that adapt the website layout based on the current screen size of the device. This means that your website will fit any device which uses a full web browser. The responsive design resizes on smart phones, tablets and smart TV’s.

Why should you consider a responsive design?

Google says it's the best option

"Responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern"

When Google comes out and makes a statement as bold as this, you can do no other than to stand up and take notice. Google stated that responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration and also referred to it as the industry best practice.

Better Usability

Looking for something on your phone? You want the user to find the service or product they are after on your website and let’s face it if they are on your website they will not be on your competitor’s site.

Publish Content Only Once

You only need to update your website once through our Wida Group content management system because your website re-sizes itself according to the device you are viewing it on. This will saves you time uploading images to suit each device separately.

No duplicate content penalties

Having multiple versions of your website that you have designed for desktop, tablet and mobile means different URLs. This makes Google and other search engines life difficult and they will see the same content but on different URLs meaning duplication issues. Having a responsive design removes the duplicate content element.

SEO Benefits

The benefit is that you only need to optimise content for one link. The URL structure doesn’t change for all devices. With a responsive design, it makes it easy for Google to crawl your website and index the correct pages that need to be found on Google.

Website Relevant for Longer

Having a website that works on all platforms demonstrates that your company is current, it can only improve your website rankings and in turn help you from a sales point of view. Maintaining a higher quality of web product is good for your business, keeping your site above your competitors and making it relevant for longer.

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