Attract More Summer Tourists with Perfect Web Design

20 June 2017

If you’re in the travel and tourism industry, or your business benefits from it, you probably already know that your website plays a crucial part in attracting new visitors.

With over 97% of people now preferring to find businesses online (Forbes), and more than 57% of travel reservations for accommodation, tours and activities being made online (Statistic Brain), having the right website design couldn’t be more important to your business success.

Sounds simple enough - but where do you start? No need to panic - we’ve lined up our top tips for designing a website that will attract more Summer tourists to your business:

1. Consider how you want your user to feel about your business
Excited? Relaxed? Inspired? Your website design and content should evoke whatever emotion it is that’s attracted them to your business. It’s no use having an exciting, brightly coloured design if they are looking for a low-key, relaxing retreat.

2. Make things as easy as possible
Booking a trip or a holiday can be stressful, and you don’t want your website to add to that stress. Keep the layout clean, ensuring that the key information and tasks your users are looking for are instantly accessible from the homepage.

Consider the journey you want your users to take, from the landing on the homepage to making a booking, and have clear Calls to Action buttons, such as ‘Book Now’ and ‘Contact Us’ on every page to prompt them. It may be worth sitting down with existing users (with desktop, tablet and mobile devices) and asking them to complete tasks on your website in order to identify any existing pitfalls.

3. Go that extra mile
By providing links to related activities in your area, as well as accommodation, shopping, food and drink, your users will feel far more compelled to come and visit your neck of the woods. If you are visited by lots of foreign tourists, then information about currency rates, weather and key statistics will also help them to make a decision.

Having an easy-to-use and accessible Content Management System (like Wida’s specially designed Web Wizard) means you can quickly edit content and keep it up to date – which is great for your visitor and your website SEO.

4. Keep sentences short and concise
Users prefer to scan websites to get information, so keep website copy short (aim for less than half the word count of conventional writing). Know the keywords your target audience are using (e.g.:” activities for young children in Derbyshire”) and have your content optimized for these.

5. Tell your story through pictures
Research shows that travel and tourism businesses with good quality, distinctive images are more effective at attracting visitors than those without. Use emotive images, with people in them, that tell a story about the experience your business offers. (If you don’t have any suitable images, Wida offer a great professional photography service).

6. Don’t forget mobile and tablet users
With 38% of leisure travelers using mobile for travel information (Google), it’s well worth making your website responsive for smaller mobile and tablet screens. Having a responsive site can also significantly boost your SEO, putting you ahead of competitors without.

7. Include reservation or booking programs
Make it easier for visitors to reserve or book in an instant by providing the option to do so on your website, with an automated email confirmation to give them that extra piece of mind.

To find out more about attracting more visitors to your business this Summer, why not give Wida a call? We specialise in integrating all of your online business operations, including booking and reservation programmes, and email automation.

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