Are you sharing positive feedback?

18 March 2019

Did you know that up to ?85%? ?of consumers will look up 10 reviews before making a purchase?  Adding reviews to your website could make all the difference to your conversions, but before you  do, follow these top tips:

Embed reviews from other websites
Embedding reviews directly from your Google+ business page, or from other review sites that are popular with your target audience shows your customers that your reviews are legitimate and builds more trust in your brand than simply adding your review via text box.

Ensure your reviews are authentic
Some businesses use third parties to increase positive reviews. Your customers will be able to see through this straight away, because authentic reviews about your product or service will provide details that only a real customer can know. If you’re looking to increase positive reviews, try offering an incentive for customers to leave one at the end of the buying cycle.

Make it easy to add more reviews
Someone may be raving about your products, but if they can’t find the review option quickly, then they’ll soon give up, and you could be losing valuable feedback.

Respond to reviews
Responding to reviews, positive and negative, shows that you actually care about your customers opinions and experiences of your brand. Even a simple “thank you” can make the time someone has spent writing the review feel worthwhile.

Don’t hide great feedback
Whether you’re an e-commerce, b2b or hospitality business, having reviews on every page of your website will increase customer confidence at every stage of their decision making. You don’t have to place them at centre stage - even adding a short review above a call to action can increase conversions considerably.

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