6 Tips for Successful Copywriting

1 August 2022

Understand your purpose and begin planning


Knowing why you are writing about a specific topic is the most important part of the copywriting process. The answer will aid you in outlining. Are you trying to answer a specific question, offer an explanation, or create a guide? Bring all of this information together to form the following parts of your outline:


● Main idea

● Headings

● Subheadings

● Photos, infographics, videos, embeds, etc.

● References


Recognize the target market


You must know for whom you are writing. Knowing the general audience demographics will help you gauge what type of language you should use and whether certain topics will be relevant or appropriate.


Understanding who you are writing for is an essential task. Become familiar with their voice, values, and guidelines. Review the website or other relevant content to gain awareness of how they portray themselves to the public.


Be mindful of word count and SEO


The target word count will vary depending on your client. Agreeing on the number of words you will write ahead of time is important so that everyone knows what to expect from the final product. Some clients want content that fits in specific locations on their websites and requires a tight word count.


SEO is essential when copywriting content that will convert. Search Engine Optimization requires the use of keywords that will lead users to your site. SEO needs to flow seamlessly within the copy and not feel forced.


Conduct thorough research using data


Use Google Optimize to analyze click-through rates or CTR on the content. This research will bear fruit by showing you multiple data points including:


● How interesting are the title and first line?

● Does the content hold an audience?

● Who is visiting the page?

● When are people clicking off?

● How long are they visiting the page?

● How many times has the content been displayed?


Pay attention to the visuals


Maintain a clean page and layout. If the content is visually messy, people will leave. Web users want clear and easy-to-read pages that they do not need to make an extraordinary effort to navigate.


Set up your content with bite-sized sentences with consistent headers and structure for visual appeal and ease of skimming.


Proofread your work


Creating content that is rife with spelling and grammatical errors will not inspire confidence in your clients or readers. Be diligent in utilizing tools such as spell check or Grammarly.


Note that assistive spelling and grammar aids are not consistently accurate. Instead of installing their proprietary apps directly onto your computer, you may find it easier to write your content, copy and paste it into the platform, and proofread it there. This way, you will not be offered unhelpful suggestions as you write. Review each correction before selecting it as errors are made within these tools.


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