5 ways to keep your online marketing resolutions in 2018

10 January 2018

Not to worry! Wida Group are here to help with 5 ways to keep your online marketing resolutions in 2018.

The resolution: Bring new and existing customers online.
How? Give them the best experience possible. Providing your customers with the ability to complete tasks quickly and easily, all from one place is a key incentive for increasing online sales. Why not chat to Wida about how we helped Birchwood Price Tools do just that?

The resolution: Hit your mobile market.
How? Make your website mobile-responsive. If a user can't access your website properly on a mobile device then they're less than half as likely to return. Creating a mobile-friendly website doesn't have to take long, so what are you waiting for? Come and talk to Wida today.

The resolution: Boost digital marketing communications.
How? Plan ahead. Creating a killer content plan doesn't have to take months - all you need is the right tools. Generate blog topics by brainstorming your clients most common questions, and schedule social media posts for free using Buffer . Just a few blogs a month can have a big impact on SEO.

The resolution: Make SEO a priority.
How? Producing regular, fresh content and making your website mobile-responsive are just two ways to improve your SEO. For the latest on SEO Best Practice, come and see Wida’s SEO specialists.

The resolution: Increase ROI.
How? Track your efforts. If you're struggling to see how effectively your money's being spent, why not let Wida help with our detailed and clear analytics service?

Looking for help achieving your digital marketing resolutions? Take a step closer by calling Wida on 0115 921 4797, or contact us using the form below.