5 Tips To Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

28 February 2022

A successful e-commerce store is created through website traffic and conversions. While many online stores focus more on website traffic, increasing your on-site conversions is just as important. The good news is you can boost your conversion with a few small site changes

High-Quality Images

The quality of images on your e-commerce website is a high priority; not only do people nowadays have high expectations when it comes to images, but it’s your chance to show the product in an accurate and attractive way. Don’t miss this chance to improve your conversions.

High-quality images affect the way customers perceive your business, but they also help your website to rank higher on the search engine; also, remember to label your images with your SEO tags. Additionally, create a series of images to give the customer an overall picture.


Free Shipping

Increasing your conversion rates is often about streamlining your sales funnel; the easier you can make the process of identifying and buying a product, the more likely you are to turn website visitors into paying customers. One of the best ways is to offer them free shipping.

When an e-commerce store doesn’t offer free shipping to its customers, there are additional calculations that must be made before the product can be bought. It might not seem like much if you want a product, but often the decision to buy is delicate and free shipping tips the balance.


Shorter Checkouts

Shorter checkouts are another example of streamlining the sales funnel to make buying products faster; all the time, you are decreasing the friction between someone deciding to buy something from your store and checking out. Amazon does this with their Buy Now button.

The Buy Now button is the perfect way to take a customer from product to purchase, but Amazon can do because they already have lots of customer information. If you want to streamline your process, consider tick boxes and sign up options for faster checkouts in future.


More Payment Options

Another way to speed up the checkout process is by introducing more payment options. Trusted payment methods such as ApplePay, GooglePay, and PayPal not only legitimize your website, they give customers more confidence in making a purchase and makes the process simpler.

When a customer reaches your checkout page and sees that you accept major payment methods, they instantly know they can trust you and that their payment process will be short and secure. All of this adds up to better conversion rates on your e-commerce website.


Video Demonstrations

There’s a reason why companies use influencers for marketing; not only do they have an emotional connection with their audiences, but they display the product and show potential customers how it can improve their lives. But you don’t need influencers to do this.

A video demonstration might not have the same emotionality as influencer marketing, but it shows the practical aspects of the product without any reading and can help to improve your conversion rates. So get in front of the camera and make a few demo videos for your store.