5 Simple Ways to Increase E-newsletter Subscriptions

30 October 2017

Email marketing is an effective way of promoting your business - with emails 6x more likely to achieve click-through than Facebook or Twitter posts, according to Mckinsey.With hundreds of emails landing in our inbox everyday however, it’s not always easy to persuade potential customers to signup for more. Luckily for you, we’ve uncovered 5 simple ways you can increase your E-newsletter subscriptions.

1. Communicate value
Instead of telling customers to signup for your newsletter, think about the greater benefits to them. For example, your newsletter may update them on new products or offers, or help them keep up to date on industry news. Focus on these messages in your newsletter promotions.

2. Create an incentive
Whether it’s an exclusive product discount, or access to a highly valuable white paper or video, you could increase subscribers significantly by simply providing an incentive.

3. Set expectations
No one likes to have their inbox spammed, so reassure potential subscribers that you’ll only ever message them so many times (twice a month gets the highest open rate), and you’ll never sell their data onto third parties.

4. Make it easy
The simpler it is to signup, the more subscribers you’ll get. An email address is often all you need, although asking for their name and providing a selection of interests they can check will allow you to target them with personalised campaigns.

5. Include a signup on every page
If users can’t find your signup form then they won’t subscribe, so be sure to place a signup form in a prominent place on every page of your website. You could even implement a signup form that pops up before visitors leave your website.

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