5 Key Elements of Website Design

4 October 2022

Website design isn’t always as simple as you might expect, as there are a few key features that need to come together to create the most attractive yet functional platform. Here are 5 key elements of web design that you should be focusing on to offer the best experience for your audience online!


1.) Aesthetic Value


You need to create a website that boasts aesthetic value, instantly drawing users in as soon as they click onto one of your webpages. If you want to create the most aesthetically pleasing website, then focus on the following:

● Colour - colour can help to stir a user's emotions, encourage them to respond to your call to action, and even increase brand recognition.

● White space - white space around your content helps to make your website appear neat and uncluttered, while allowing your content to take centre stage.

● Pictures - pictures can tell a thousand words, but you must always ensure you select those that can appeal to your audience while supporting your message.

● Layout - the layout of your website can influence readability, so leave adequate spacing between headings and paragraphs, and maintain one set layout throughout your webpages.


2.) Quality Content


Content plays a huge role when it comes to attracting people to your website, and it’s a key aspect of successful digital marketing. There are multiple types of web content, from blog posts, to videos, so it’s good to keep things varied. Quality content should include expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness to rank well, so bear these factors in mind if you want to publish the most beneficial content for your website.


3.) Usability & Functionality


Your website should be easy to use, and people should be able to navigate around from page to page with little thought or effort. A navigation menu and a search bar will be the perfect solutions, as this way your users can check their location on your website at any time while being able to pinpoint exactly what they need without any hassle. It can also be beneficial to ensure your website is mobile friendly, as a large percentage of users will be visiting your platform using their smartphones or tablets.


4.) Interactivity


Interactivity is a key feature in today's modern world, as you need to offer an appropriate replacement to the experience that a customer might get while shopping in a brick and mortar store. Adding some kind of chatbot or other similar feature that users can ask questions will help to offer users increased peace of mind, as it breaks down the digital barrier in between your team and your audience.


5.) Visibility


You could design the most amazing platform, but it will simply be useless if no one can actually find it amongst the millions of other websites online. So, you must not forget to consider visibility when designing the best website if you want to stand the best chances of thriving. Take the right steps to increase your organic traffic using SEO and other proven methods that will increase your rank and make sure you appear in the search results of the right users on the web.