4 Questions to Ask Before Setting Your Website Budget

21 September 2017

Knowing how much to budget for a new website is a common problem, with businesses big and small often making risky guess-timates that can set them back in time and money. In this article, we uncover 4 simple and straightforward questions to help prioritise your spending.

1. Where’s your content coming from?
Content is one of the most important parts of creating a new website, but many businesses overlook it. How many webpages will you have? Will you be repurposing or creating brand new content? Who is going to write it? How long will it take to gather the information? Depending on the answers to these questions, content could cost very little or a lot more than you think.

2. Do you require a custom design?
Good looking websites don’t have to be expensive, but if you’re looking for custom designs then you’ll require more budget. Do you have images and photography ready to go or will this need to be included in your budget too?

3. What essential functions does your website need to perform?
Think about what your website needs to be able to do - does it need to take payments, gather data, track leads, or rank high on certain search terms? List all of the essential things it needs to do and think about how these will affect your budget.

4. Who will you get a quote from?
Collating your ideas into a brief will help you to form a clearer idea of what your budget needs to encompass and who can best deliver your project. Getting a quote from different agencies will also help you set an accurate budget. Read our blog Creating the Perfect Website Design Brief for more advice on creating a great brief.

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