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The Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8E is a lens that certainly divides opinions but we have always found this lens to be a true performer.

The real beauty of this lens is its flexibility whilst still maintaining image-quality. From wide angle to mid telephoto, the results are excellent.

With the Tochigi, Japan based Nikon celebrating their 100th year and the launch of their Anniversary products we thought it would be interesting to have a trip down memory lane with the Nikons we have used over the years.

With the dawn of the new Apple iPad we thought it would be fun to have a trip down memory lane with one of our developers who recalls his first ever mobile computer.

3rd April 2017

When visiting a website, the web server it is on and your computer will communicate using a protocol that is known as HTTP. This stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and does have fundamental weaknesses that are important to recognise.

24th January 2017

In today’s ever growing technological world, the smart phone is one of the most popular pieces of equipment and as every new model is improved the camera is improved with it, such as the new and upcoming Pixel phone by Google and the iPhone 7, both sporting impressive 12mp cameras.

13th December 2016

It’s definitely a good idea to achieve traffic by ways of promoting your site organically and virally, be it via Twitter, Facebook or YouTube etc. However you should not ignore the worth of a good search engine ranking, a site optimised for search engines will always outperform one that is not.

4th November 2016

YouTube has over 1 Billion active users each month which means nearly one out of two people on the Internet are visiting the video sharing website.

27th October 2016

From time to time you may experience a slow internet connection or so you may think but generally the reason for a ‘bad’ or ‘slow’ connection is often down to the computer itself and how and what it is running at the time.

29th June 2016

My business is only small, so why would I want a website?

Websites are getting more and more popular everyday and as a small business without a website it’s only natural to start asking questions like how would a website help my business? Do I really need a website? Are there really any benefits to having a website? Etc.

19th April 2016

It’s fast approaching a year from when Google changed how they crawl and index websites on mobile devices.  

Google made this change in April 2015 after identifying how we, as users chose to view information on the web. Increasingly more and more of us search the internet via mobile devices rather than desktop and as a result Google naturally want to offer better search results for their users. 

22nd February 2016

It’s a new year – time for a fresh start. For many businesses, that means it’s finally time to give that tired, old, difficult-to-update website a facelift. But where do you start?

22nd December 2015

Stock Images versus Professional Photography

When building a website it’s really important to only select components that will positively impact the objectives of the site. One aspect of a company website where this is particularly true is in photography.

The value that custom professional custom photography will bring to your website is huge! Here at Wida we believe that it is preferable to use your own custom, professional photography over generic, nondescript stock images (ie: third party images sold from websites such as istockphoto and shutterstock).

7th December 2015

Fonts are the backbone of both print and web. Everything on the online world begins with text. If you want to communicate with visitors to your website, you will likely do it using text. 

When we start talking about typography people generally think of big, fancy headers. However, in this blog we will be discussing with you paragraph fonts, because paragraphs contain the meat of your content. Here’s our little guide to online fonts. 

26th November 2015

Black Friday looms large around the corner and let’s face it - the biggest prep most companies and marketers are focusing on at the moment isn’t Christmas or the New Year, its Black Friday! The world has, quite simply, gone Black Friday mad – it does now last for a whole weekend after-all!  

16th November 2015

A company’s website is often the heart of their online marketing campaign. But is your website really doing all it can to help your business? We take a look at the key fundamentals of any website regardless of it's overall or nuanced objectives.

12th November 2015

Ever wondered what was underpinning the website that you're looking at ? Or have you heard the initialism HTML banded around and not been certain what it actually means ? Well, no need to fear, we're here to help you cut through the jargon and nerd-speak to give you a (hopefully) clear and concise overview of what HTML is and what it does.

30th October 2015

In the web industry changes and updates come around at the speed of light, making it impossible to future proof a website. Here at Wida Group, we have noticed fashions and trends within web design that companies do appear to follow.

23rd October 2015

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