The Wida Group website, through the ages

A few key points, including some screen shots of the Wida Group website over the last 13 years...

From dialup to responsive....and beyond

We all remember the days of dialup – waiting for someone to get off the phone before you could get on the internet, waiting over 10 minutes for a single web page to load, and that distinctive, unforgettable sound – it haunts us to this day! Unsurprisingly, website designs were incredibly different back then to what they are today, with few images, flash animation (moving animations) and minimal scrolling down the page. Here’s an old snap shot of the Wida Group website back in 2002!

Wida Group website 2002

In 2004, internet speeds picked up and more and more people started to have broadband at home. This meant websites could have more scrolling, content and images.

Here is a shot of our website back in 2004 - lots of stock imagery, I’m sure you will spot! This design saw us through to 2009.

Wida Group website 2004

By 2009 things had changed massively – with over 60 percent of homes using broadband. YouTube had found its feet and websites were now starting to incorporate videos. In November 2009 we were on the ITV Tonight Show, and we also had video testimonials and success stories for ecommerce websites.

For example,, who have been a customer of Wida Group for over 12 years and has just had a new responsive website go live. You can see Nathan at Dust Bag’s video testimonial here. This was our site in 2009 -

Wida Group website 2009

By 2013 everyone was using tablets and smart phones to browse the internet and so websites started changing to something called responsive design. Wida began creating responsive websites in 2013; the 60 Threadneedle Street website was the first responsive website we created.

Responsive basically means that no matter what size screen someone views the website on, the site responds to fit the size of the device. This makes it optimised for the user’s experience. If you are interested in finding out more or would like a quote for a responsive website, you can contact the office on 0115 9214797. This was our website in 2013 -

Wida Group website 2013

Now in 2015, since Google released a statement in April that their algorithms are changing to benefit companies with responsive design, nearly every website Wida create is a responsive design. Over the last 12 months we have seen a lot of our customers Google analytics reports showing that over 50% of visits to their website are coming from mobiles and tablets compared to desktops – and this number seems to only be increasing!

The days have long gone where a website can be built and left for years to its own devices, and we recommend to our customers to regularly freshen the design, giving it a ‘lick of paint’ every couple of years. It’s important to keep your sire looking fresh and modern.

It’s important to note that content changes however need to be much more frequent and as often as possible with unique and original information.

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