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How YouTube can help promote your business

YouTube has over 1 Billion active users each month which means nearly one out of two people on the Internet are visiting the video sharing website.

YouTube can be a great tool for promoting your companies image on the internet, anyone can create a channel, its free and simple to use, the site itself even offers tutorials to guide you on your way.

To help you on your way here are some tips for using YouTube to promote your business.

1. Link your domain name

Linking your domain name with the name of your account will indicate to YouTube that you are the official representative of your brand and products, resulting in increased relevant video results being pointed towards your business when people search for your brand or any terms to do with services that you offer.

2. Make the content useful and relevant

Generally videos with information, presentations, how-to’s and tutorials relating to your products, company and brands are a good idea but make sure to keep them informative and not too long that the user will get bored of them before they finish.

3. Get a conversation going with your customers

Utilise other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter; post your video to these other sites and engage with your audience to produce a discussion about the subject at hand.

This is a great way to get other people to generate new content for your social media accounts and they might even share your video to other social media sites furthering the awareness of your brand across the web.

4. Encourage other website owners to embed your video on their own

Similar to the point above, if you can get others to embed your video on their site it will help it reach a higher ranking in the search results.

5. Encourage followers

Remember to encourage users to subscribe to your channel so they can help spread the word of your business to others who then might also subscribe. Using YouTube is all about spreading information quickly so utilising this tool is essential.

6. Take advantage of the analytics

YouTube have their own analytics that you can view to find out who’s been looking at your videos and what they have searched for to find it, providing you with the information to improve or change certain aspects of how you are using the site to further increase traffic to your videos.

YouTube is a practical platform for growing your audience and business online, if you invest time and learn to utilise it then it will be a valuable aid.

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